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Discover The Power of Stem Cell Nutrition &
Adult Stem Cells -- The Natural Renewal System of Your Body

I'm sure you've already heard about adult stem cells. Maybe you saw a news story, or a read an article. I'm also sure you've heard the terms pluripotent stem cells and embryonic stem cells.

They have created a great deal of controversy and with good reason. The lure of what embryonic stem cells can do for the body has led to ethical issues surrounding such things as embryo harvesting.

One thing remains, adult stem cells represent the future of health and wellness as we know it. And they're here to stay.

The Science Behind Stem Cell Nutrition

Scientists discover that adult stem cells migrate from the bone marrow into the bloodstream, then into the tissues to renew and repair damaged and dead cells.

Bone marrow stem cells migrate into the bloodstream to renew and repair

Extracts from various natural botanical compounds are shown to trigger a natural release in adult stem cells from the bone marrow.

Stem cell nutrition is made from extracts of various natural botanical compounds

Studies now show that Adult Stem Cells have the same ability to become virtually any other cell in the body. That is, if a stem cell travels to the brain, it will become a brain cell, to a muscle, a muscle cell, to the liver, a liver cell and so on.

Bone marrow stem cells can become cells of anything in the body

In short, the same benefits as embryonic stem cells can be achieved by enhancing the release of adult stem cells -- something your body is already doing and has been doing since the day you were born.

This research has led to the concept of stem cell nutrition, designed to promote the release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow, and their migration to the organs and tissues of the body that are in need of repair.

The Incredible Power of Adult Stem Cells At Work

1. 'Messengers' are sent by tissues in need, requesting the release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow.

2. Adult stem cells circulate in the bloodstream.

A different set of 'messengers' attract adult stem cells to migrate into tissues where the stem cells reproduce and become new healthy cells of that tissue.

The renewal system of the body

Stem Cell Nutrition -- Your Future is Now

Stem cells occur naturally in the body and serve to replenish cells that are lost through normal wear and tear or injury.

As we age, our body's ability to self-repair and maintain optimum health decreases due to a reduction in the number of circulating stem cells associated with the normal aging process.

Increasing the number of circulating stem cells is believed to support the body's process of self-repair and self-renewal.

StemEnhance Ultra:

StemEnhance Ultra, made from Lake Klamath harvested blue-green algae

  • StemEnhance Ultra concentrates and combines extracts from nature's most primitive superfoods, freshwater microalgae and marine macroalgae, proving the body with the ultimate in stem cell support.

  • StemEnhance Ultra is backed by years of identifying, refining, and extracting compounds using proprietary and patented technologies.

  • The blending of StemEnhance Ultra with Fucoidan offers a unique synergy that is further enhanced by Mesenkine - a unique extract from Spirulina isolated through our patented extraction process. Mesenkine supports the migration and homing of stem cells by balancing key messengers involved in stem cell function.

  • StemEnhance Ultra assists the body's inherent ability for long-term self-renewal by supporting the body's natural release of bone marrow stem cells.

  • StemEnhance Ultra is the result of 16 years of research and constitutes the most efficacious and scientifically proven stem cell support product on the market today.

  • StemEnhance Ultra FAQ
Dr David Prentice

"The lack of success of embryonic stem cells should be compared with the real successes of adult stem cells. A wealth of scientific papers published over the last few years document that adult stem cells are a much more promising source of stem cells for regenerative medicine."

- Dr. David A. Prentice, Ph.D.

We need vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to nourish our cells and we need alkaline water to flush away toxins. But none of this rebuilds the body. None of this can actually bring back new tissue, bone, organs, or any part of the body. Science has just recently discovered that the only system known to actually rebuild the body is your own adult stem cells. If they are not releasing into the bloodstream as they should, your health will suffer. It's as simple as that.

100% risk free guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
We offer a 100%, thirty (30) day unconditional money-back guarantee.

Proven Clinical Studies

Through multiple clinical trials, StemEnhance Ultra was documented to optimize stem cell function in the body by increasing the number of both stem cells and Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs) in the blood circulation, supporting optimum renewal and repair of tissues and organs.

StemEnhance Ultra Studies
Mobilization of human stem cells study published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine

StemEnhance does not promote tumor growth study published in AntiCancer Research Journal

StemEnhance Ultra also contains Mesenkine that was shown to increase the blood concentration of G-CSF that plays a key role in stem cell release.

Study on effects of Mesenkine

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