Help your body to recover after exercise with Adult Stem Cells

Many Doctors agree that one of the key elements of optimal health is regular exercise. What many may not be aware of however, is the continual process of breakdown and renewal that occurs from doing any form of exercise - especially athletic type of training. Exercise in itself is fine, but the key to maintaining optimal health is to balance the breakdown and the renewal of the body.

Thankfully, after many years of research, the scientific community has discovered that the body's ability to renew itself is dependent upon it's ability to release adult stem cells from the bone marrow. Put simply, the greater your body's ability to release adult stem cells from the bone marrow, the more efficient your body will be at renewing itself and maintaining optimal health.

Our bodies are designed to naturally balance the breakdown and renewal process. But when this process gets out of balance problems are more likely to occur. This is more evident with athletes, where the constant demands for renewal are more complicated as they are doing more to breakdown. Getting this balance right therefore, is critical if athletes want to improve their performances - regardless of whether they are serious or amateur athletes.

As we've seen for athletes bodies, they require additional support to maintain the breakdown and recovery balance. Luckily, this additional support is available in the form of stem cell nutrition. In a published clinical study stem cell nutrition has been shown to naturally increase the release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, it's safe to say at some point you have experienced muscle soreness after exercise or sport. Benefits of being active aside, this muscle pain is called 'delayed onset muscle soreness' (DOMS) and is a result of the muscle fibers being torn. Additionally, the soreness can be attributed to swelling in a muscle. Either way, the body is indicating that it needs to repair itself.

The extent of this tearing and also the soreness felt will depend on both the duration and type of exercise being performed. Any movement the body isn't used to or hasn't done for a while can lead to delayed onset muscle soreness. A good example is playing golf or throwing a ball if you haven't done either recently. You limp into work on Monday because of these microscopic tears, but the real result is loss of strength, flexibility and power. The good news is, as the body recovers by repairing the tears we become stronger.

The speed and effectiveness at which the body can recover will greatly influence whether or not an athlete can train without getting injured. As we've seen, support from stem cell nutrition will provide a boost to the body's natural renewal system and provide bone marrow derived adult stem cells to assist with repair. This natural boost is incredibly valuable for athletes on any level who wish to improve their recovery whilst building strength and stamina at the same time.

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