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Lab-grown 'meat' far from real deal
'There has been much concern among livestock producers about research and commercial laboratories growing muscle fibers and their plans to market them as meat, specifically 'clean' meat, in direct competition with the safe, wholesome, true meat we raise.' Read more >>

Stem Cell Sources, Types, and Uses in Research
'Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that are capable of self-renewal or differentiation into a specialized cell. They exist within areas of the body known as biological niches and are essential for growth during childhood, and homeostasis throughout adulthood.' Read more >>

Nose drop with adult stem cells restores sense of smell in mice
'About 12% of Americans have lost their sense of smell due to head trauma, genetic defects or a natural decline of sensory neurons that occurs with age. A team of researchers at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine is developing a potential remedy to this problem that consists of adult stem cells and may be able to be delivered in a simple nose drop.' Read more >>

Prince Charming's kiss unlocking brain's regenerative potential?
'The human body has powerful healing abilities. But treating brain disorders is no easy task, as brain cells -- neurons -- have limited ability to regenerate. Nonetheless, stem cells are a form of natural backup, a vestige of our days as still-developing embryos.

The difficulty is that, as we age, our brains' stem cells 'fall asleep' and become harder to wake up when repairs are needed. Despite efforts to harness these cells to treat neurological damage, scientists have until recently been unsuccessful in decoding the underlying 'sleep' mechanism.' Read more >>

Boosting Muscle Stem Cells to Treat Muscular Dystrophy, Aging Muscles
'Lying within our muscles are stem cells, invisible engines that drive the tissue's growth and repair. Understanding the signal(s) that direct muscle stem cells to spring into action could uncover new ways to promote muscle growth. However, these mechanisms are poorly understood.' Read more >>

Rutgers Researchers Discover Crucial Link Between Brain and Gut Stem Cells
'The organs in our bodies house stem cells that are necessary to regenerate cells when they become damaged, diseased or too old to function. Researchers at Rutgers University have identified a new factor that is essential for maintaining the stem cells in the brain and gut and whose loss may contribute to anxiety and cognitive disorders and to gastrointestinal diseases.' Read more >>

Extending Human Longevity With Regenerative Medicine
'Lizards can regrow entire limbs. Flatworms, starfish, and sea cucumbers regrow entire bodies. Sharks constantly replace lost teeth, often growing over 20,000 teeth throughout their lifetimes. How can we translate these near-superpowers to humans?

The answer: through the cutting-edge innovations of regenerative medicine.' Read more >>

Blood-Forming Stem Cells Have Back-Up System in Stressed Condition, New Study Shows
'Blood-forming (hematopoietic) adult stem cells reside deep in the bone marrow and are responsible for regenerating the body's blood supply including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. In a study published this week in the journal Cell Reports, a team of researchers from China and the United States investigated how these cells, despite being sensitive to DNA damage, manage to repopulate blood cells after chemotherapy or injury.

They found that a subset of hematopoietic adult stem cells called 'reserve' hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) are resistant to chemotherapy. These reserve HSCs are located in a specialized niche, composed of cells on the inner bone surface expressing the molecule N-cadherin, in mouse bone marrow.' Read more >>

Functional hair follicles grown from stem cells
'Scientists from Sanford Burnham Prebys have created natural-looking hair that grows through the skin using human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), a major scientific achievement that could revolutionize the hair growth industry.' Read more >>

Decoding cells to unlock stem cells' potential
'Stem cells are jacks of all trades, capable of alleviating the consequences of such diverse pathologies as heart attacks, strokes and cancer. However, stem cell therapies have been hampered by possible side effects, which are frequently hard to predict. One way around this conundrum is to understand how stem cells conjure up their therapeutic effects, and then try to mimic them.' Read more >>

From restoring sight to reversing brain damage, USC stem cell researchers are making life-changing discoveries
'Californians have given billions of dollars to stem cell research. Here's how USC scientists are using that investment to push science. If anyone has a clear vision of the power of stem cell cures, it's Anna Kuehl. She suffered a retina-wrecking disease that cost her much of her sight before USC physicians surgically implanted stem cells to restore her ability to see.' Read more >>

The Interview: Buddhadeb Dawn. Combining his love of medicine and his desire to teach makes UNLV's School of Medicine a good fit for this physician.
'In 2018 Dr. Buddhadeb 'Buddha' Dawn, who hails from India, became chairman of the UNLV School of Medicine's department of internal medicine. He was formerly with the University of Kansas School of Medicine, where he was the division director of cardiology, and founding director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute and the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center.' Read more >>

Stem cell study determines most harmful vape liquids
'Your favorite vape flavor may be more harmful than the nicotine itself. Using stem cells to investigate the impact of e-liquids on cardiovascular disease, a new study has revealed the harmful effects of flavored e-cigarette liquids and e-cigarette use.' Read more >>

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