Algae, the World's Most Unappreciated Plant

For something that is so significant to life as we know it, the humble algae receives very little appreciation.

In salt water, algae is often referred to as sea weed, while in fresh water, algae is often harshly called 'pond scum.' We have a collective attitude problem towards algae, but as this article will show, your life depends on it.

Why Algae is so important?

Perhaps the biggest reason is oxygen. Half or more of the oxygen we're breathing comes from the algae in the world. In fact, we can go back 3.5 billion years ago when blue green algae or cyano bacteria, started phytosynthesis.

The oxygen levels rose, allowing the animals to come out of the water, but there had to be things on land for them to eat. And there were, from algae. The blue-green algae literally conquered the land and created the flora we see today, so in that respect the the evolution of all the land plants can be attributed to algae.

Algae a rich source of nutrients

Some of us intake nutrients directly from stem cell nutrition supplements such as AFA concentrates, but all of us intake nutrients indirectly from fish.

We've all heard about the benefits of omega 3 fish oils, but many people are unaware that fish do not produce the oils. Instead they eat the algae which is full of omega 3 oils and then we eat them.

You may also be unaware that NASA has been using algae since the 1960s to help the astronauts recover from the rigors of space travel. With all the g-forces, their brains are subjected to shocks and shaking and the nutrients in algae are ideal for repairing the fatty mass that is our brain.

The algae, stem cell link

Just when you thought there was nothing else algae could do, we find out a concentrated extract of whole AFA (blue-green algae) has been scientifically proven to increase the number of adult stem cells from the bone marrow.

The adult stem cells, which are the building blocks of our body and vital to renewal and repair, can then travel around in the blood stream and go to the areas of the body where they are needed the most.

If you're one of the 76 million baby boomers, it's highly likely the area that's in some need and that you're most concerned about will be your brain. The good news is, between the omega 3 and the adult stem cells released as a result, you are in a good position to maintain healthy brain function.

Fact is, the humble algae provides us with the oxygen we breath, the omega 3 oils we need and now stimulates the release of adult stem cells from our bone marrow vital to cellular renewal. It's high time we changed our attitude and embraced this wonderful stuff.

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