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Cerule not only makes extraordinary products, it also knows what it takes to build an extraordinary business, and, in our world that includes a cutting edge pay plan. Our pay plan is unique. It is designed to reward those who can spread the word far and wide, and help those in their team to be productive. It has real scalability and is arguably one of the most generous and easy to understand pay plans in the industry.


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'15 years ago, when Dr Gitta Jensen and I first proposed that bone marrow stem cells constituted the natural healing system of the body and that we discovered that the cytophyta afa was working in the body by stimulating the release of stem cells from the bone marrow, we knew that we had stumbled on something really big. We knew that this was destined to become really one of the greatest discoveries in health and wellness so it immediately became my mission to find a way to bring this product to as many people as possible.

Now since that time a lot has been achieved. Stem cell science has experienced one of the fastest developments seen in the scientific world, in the scientific literature. I think that the world is now ready to accept that there is a simple way of tapping into the potential of adult stem cells through the use of plants that support the natural role of stem cells in the body.

But there's another key component in afa, it's the blue pigment called phycocyanin. Phycocyanin is found in all blue-green algae, like spirulina, and it's shown to have many health properties, especially a strong anti-inflammatory property. The problem is that all the afa we could harvest was already used to make stemenhance. So we began developing a proprietary phyco cyanin extract of spirulina that yields a high concentration of phyco cyanin and we call that product cyactiv. Along the way, we also discovered a yellow compound in afa, We found that this compound is actually responsible for balancing cytokines and promoting stem cell migrating into tissue. And we call that product mesenkine. It's our aim to strive for excellence in product development. So we continue to work on novel, cutting edge ingredients and to raise the bar of health and wellness for all of our consumers.

It's ok to have a good company, but to be able to lead a truly great company is a profoundly rewarding experience. We have one of the greatest concepts in health of wellness of our times. And I just love the challenge of taking this concept that we have and building a truly successful international business. Not only as a business, but as a vehicle to help people transform their lives.

Is the relationship marketing channel the easiest way to grow a business, probably not. Is it one of the most rewarding ways to grow a business, absolutely it is. See, we get to not only sell products to people, but we get to help people improve their health, we get to give them the opportunity to improve their finances, we help create relationships, we build communities and we get to watch people achieving their dreams. We get to know these people and we get to hear their stories.

With Cerule, we want to offer more than just products. There is nothing more rewarding than getting to know someone and becoming an agent of change in their lives. From a health stand point, but also from a financial standpoint we build relationships. I have met so many wonderful people by doing this business. Some of the greatest friends that I have, I met them through relationship marketing.

Our vision is to build Cerule on 5 pillars. We want to focus on fostering the development of healthy body on all levels, not just stem cells, but really overall health. A healthy mind, focused and at peace. healthy finances, so that everyone can get really a fair shot at their dreams. Healthy relationships through the people that we meet and finally healthy communities by working locally to have an impact globally. And by contributing to humanitarian projects through the Cerule foundation. So we don't offer just products, we aspire to offer a means for people to transform their lives from ordinary to extraordinary.'

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