The secret about Adult Stem Cells

Most people have heard something about stem cells. Unfortunately most of it is regarding embryonic stem cells which are highly controversial and have sparked an ethical debate. Adult stem cells on the other hand are naturally present in the bone marrow and have been there since birth. These stem cells are the body's natural renewal system and scientific studies have shown that the more we have circulating in our bloodstream, the greater our health and wellness.

In what's regarded as a major scientific breakthrough, a peer-reviewed clinical study has proven that stem cell nutrition showed an increase of 25% in the number of circulating stem cells after 1 hour.

This study presents great hope as the body uses stem cells to create new cells in the tissues and organs in the constant process of renewal. Stem cell nutrition supports the body's ability to rebuild and repair. The addition of millions of stem cells in the blood stream could very well be the most important wellness breakthrough of our times.

Everyone can benefit from stem cell nutrition from younger people to the elderly. It is also tremendous for those who engage in sports, regardless if they are professional athletes or weekend amateurs. Athletes have a great need for recovery and renewal and boosting the body's natural process allows them to remain in optimal condition.

A great example of this is an athlete in the 65 years age category competing at the US masters games. He ran a mile in five minutes 12 seconds which shattered a 35-year-old record. He was taking the AFA concentrate and credits it for this and his other gold-medal performances. Many athletes have blasted through strength training plateaus as well. Optimal athletic performance requires optimal renewal and an increase number of circulating stem cells will help the body to do this.

With all the research pointing towards adult stem cells as being the most helpful, stem cell nutrition is the safe and natural way to engage the body's natural system of renewal.

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