Dr Stan Answers

25 million people in the USA have Type 2 , adult, diabetes. 500 million people worldwide are obese. The two are linked. Head of Cerule's Medical Advisory Board, Dr. Stanley Jacobs discusses the negative impact of chemicals and inflammation that result when fat is gained in the body and how the Cerule products could help reduce those negative effects.

Head of Medical Advisory, Dr. Stanley Jacobs, explains the vital role of circulating stem cells in the body and their primary goal of fighting off infection, such as viruses, bacteria, and tumor cells to keep the immune system strong.

Dr. Stan discusses Lymphedema, the excess fluid that naturally leaks when passing through the arteries and veins between systems in our bodies and how inflammation could play a role in this condition.

Let's talk about lowering cholesterol and pre-diabetes. What if you could reduce Statins? What if you could get rid of them completely? Dr. Stan, Head of Cerule's Medical Advisory Board is here to talk about diet and exercise plus how Cerule Products could increase your body's natural chemical, Adiponectin to help reverse signs of increased inflammation, insulin sensitivity, and blood pressure.

Dr. Stan gives a behind the scenes explanation of how Cardiomyopathy results and what happens when the heart has a contractility problem. Nat Scattergood, Cerule Independent Business Owner, tells us her husband's very own experience with Cardiomyopathy. He has taken he Cerule products, namely StemEnhance Ultra, for about 5 years and has received remarkable results from his Cardiologist.

Obesity and Diabetes have been studied all over the world! Dr. Stan reviews studies from South Korea, Iran, and Italy to demonstrate how our bodies produce chemicals such as Adiponectin and how this chemical acts to reduce inflammation and insulin sensitivity in the body. Listen in to hear how the Cerule Products could help to increase this chemical naturally produced by the human body.

Blood flow is everything. Surgeries, wounds, and any type of healing are all affected by the way the blood flows throughout the body. Dr. Stan discusses how PlasmaFlo and StemEnhance can work together to help improve blood flow and naturally regulate insulin levels.

Life just works better without Chaos, our cells function the same way! Dr. Stan answers questions from our Cerule Independent Business Owner, Pam Holloway, about Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Free Radical Reduction in the body.

At least 27 Million people in the United States are Obese and over 65 Million people have Osteoarthritis. How important is it to preventing common medical problems versus the traditional reactive approach to them? Listen in as Dr. Stan shares some amazing customer testimonials and four research studies about Ostheoarthritis. It is more common than you think. Cerule is here to help.

The Cerule Cycle of Health is demonstrated here with Dr. Stan as he chats about the commonalities he has seen in the Cerule products. Deemed the Cerule Cycle of Health, Dr. Stan reviews the benefits of StemEnhance Ultra, PlasmaFlo, and Cyactiv Joint to show you just how much they can help to improve different functions in the body for overall health and wellness.

Listen in as our Head of Medical Advisory speaks about his own experience taking the Cerule Products: Cyactiv Joint and StemEnhance Ultra, including the remarkable results he discovered over a period of 6 weeks.

Cardiovascular disease affects many, many people. Listen in as Dr Stan discusses cardiovascular disease and how Cerule products can help improve your cardiovascular health.