About Cerule

Business at a glance:

Business started: 6/1/2016
Business Address: 18565 Jamboree Rd, Suite 520
Irvine, CA 92612 USA
Phone: (844) 4CERULE
Email: info@cerule.com

CEO: Jonathan Lester
Executive Team

Business category: High quality microalgae extracts

Advancing blue-green algae extracts
Cerule's efficacious extracts are potent, scientifically researched extracts from AFA and Spirulina for use in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications that apply the bioactive properties of cyanobacteria to promote and restore human health.

Integrity in all areas
Cerule is proud to prioritize integrity in everything they do. As a family-owned business, they believe in the integrity of relationships, so will always put you, their customer, first. As a company committed to research and technology, they value the integrity of products, so create powders and extracts that deliver proven results. And as a manufacturer, they embrace integrity of operations, to control the manufacturing process from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality possible.

Committed to natural and organic
Nature is our inspiration and our North Star. That is why all of Cerule's products come from natural origins. Our organic products are farmed and harvested to meet USDA National Organic Program standards. They say no to industrial chemicals and irradiation and instead use innovative methods to control bacteria that won't jeopardize their organic status.

Derived from nature, perfected through technology
Nature provides the perfect starting materials. How to process those materials can make or break their nutritional and therapeutic value. That is why Cerule is dedicated to developing innovative harvesting, extracting, filtering, and drying technologies that improve the effectiveness of the products and the sustainable nature of the raw materials.

Proven results through clinical research
At Cerule, they invest heavily in human clinical research to prove that their products work, as well as in vitro studies to provide evidence of how they work.

7 pillars of quality 'Quality' is one of the most frequently used words in the health and wellness industry. Look around, and you'll notice that everyone claims to produce products of high quality. Yet rarely do others define what that means. When Cerule talks about quality, they have very specific parameters in mind. Every one of their products meets 7 specific criteria:

1. Correct Identity
Confirmed through spectrophotometry testing

2. Absolute Purity
Tested for pesticides, heavy metals and microbes

3. Accurate Strength & Composition
Verified potency

4. Nutritional Density
Naturally rich in nutrients with proven health benefits

5. Technological Innovation
Made through proprietary harvesting, drying, filtering & extraction technologies

6. Controlled Manufacturing
Meets or exceeds cGMP standards

7. Proven Results
Supported by human clinical research

Quality is a concern for any manufacturer of raw materials for use in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to choose a raw material supplier that has impeccable quality controls in place. Cerule adheres to a strict 7-point quality program that controls the safety, purity and potency of each product they manufacture.

Whether wild-harvested or purchased from thoroughly vetted suppliers, Cerule's microalgae source material is grown and harvested under the strictest of quality guidelines and procedures. Before getting stamped with the Cerule seal of approval, each batch of material must meet strict product specification parameters and pass a painstaking regimen of identity testing, purity testing, and comparative test result analysis.

Cerule's in-process controls and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System allow for complete traceability of their products. Selective harvesting, in-process testing and analysis, proprietary technologies, and on-site Quality Control personnel ensure the purity of the products during each step of the manufacturing process. The in-house team of engineering, design, maintenance, and fabricating experts build, control, and maintain their state-of-the-art equipment.

Quality Management
The quality management team is comprised of industry experts who guide every aspect of the business affecting the quality of their finished products, including harvest, procurement, production, facilities, testing, and internal and vendor audits. In addition, this team oversees all regulatory affairs, ensuring complete compliance with regulations issued by FDA, OSHA, USDA, and ODA.

Cerule tests all source and finished materials for aerobic bacteria, yeast and mold, applicable pathogenic microbes, heavy metals, pesticides, and impurities. They provide a batch-specific Certificate of Analysis with each sale of product guaranteeing its safety and purity.

Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Processor and Harvester (an NOP approved program)
Kosher and Pareve
GRAS (Cyactiv: FDA #GRN 000424)

Scientific Advisory Board
Cerule Welcomes Dr Bob Jackman to the Scientific Advisory Board

Dr Bob Jackman is a Food Scientist, with an undergraduate degree (BSc, Hon) from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC) and graduate degrees (MSc, PhD) from the University of Guelph (Guelph, ON). He has authored or co-authored over 25 peer-reviewed journal articles, 6 book chapters, and several Records of Invention relating to his research on natural food pigments/colorants, physicochemical properties and functionality of food proteins, protein engineering, post harvest physiology, chill-injury and texture of fruits and vegetables, and isolation and characterization of value-added natural extractives from foods, botanicals and organic waste materials.

As an independent consultant, Robert spearheaded the patenting of a novel high-temperature organic waste bioconversion process, helped to establish and manage a Quality Control/Assurance (QC/QA) program and labs in newly built commercial plants using the technology to produce high-value animal feeds and fertilizers.

For the past 20 years, Robert has been providing R&D and technical support services to the Food and Natural Health Product (NHP) industries, and, more recently since legalization in Canada, also to the Cannabis industry, advising corporate clients on regulatory and GMP compliance matters, preparing and implementing Standard Operating Procedures and policies, troubleshooting process and product non-conformances and off-specifications, recommending corrective and preventive actions and process and product improvements, analyzing and interpreting analytical and technical data, and recommending tests, methods and/or processes to ensure product quality and regulatory compliance. He has been successful in obtaining over 60 NHP Licenses, most for difficult to license combination products, and several NHP site licenses on behalf of multiple and diverse clients, as well as a Cannabis License.

Robert is or has been a professional member of the Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology, Institute of Food Technologists, American Botanical Society, and American Chemical Society and now member of the Cerule Scientific Advisory board.