Blue-green Algae the Key to Baby Boomer Mental Health

In the American market today, Baby Boomers represent approximately 1/3rd of the total US population -- that's 76 million people. The leading edge of the boomers, those born between 1946 and 1955, will enter old age in 2011. As these boomers age, it's going to be critical for them to maintain the independent lifestyle they have become accustomed to and retaining their mental and cognitive function is vital to this goal.

This article looks at how blue-green algae can help them maintain this healthy brain function.

According to a mental institute, some 55% of boomers fear losing their mental brain capacity. In fact, about 41% of baby boomers said their brain fitness has declined over the last 10 years. They've already noticed this. Scott Hagerman, CEO of a nutrition company, said that "the future for cognitive enhancing nutriceuticals remains very bright and every month, more and more innovative cognitive improving natural products are launched to receptive consumers who are acting proactively to their mental stress and mood challenges."

The Baby Boomers are going after these products and one of the best blue-green algae products seems to give them mental clarity.

When the blue-green algae is taken, it goes to the weakest place. And it seems in Americans, it's their brain. In many tech fields, people are hired internationally because we just don't have the scientists in this country. We don't produce the scientists needed to run high performance machines, so they have to go to places like China, Japan and India to find these people today. We need to bolster our brains, that's what we need to do.

A nutritionist, Dr Scala was involved with the astronauts on Apollo 11 and 13. At a talk some years back, Dr Scala revealed what he put in the astronauts supplies -- a bucket of algae. Why? Because algae produces oxygen and algae has a particular load of PA and DHA which is desperately needed by the brains of people who are under stress.

The astronauts are under great g-forces have their brains slammed against the skull which needs to be repaired. The brain floats, but it's a ball a fat and one third of the brain is DHA, a 22 chain of carbon tied together with 6 double bonds of hydrogen. Dr Scala knew that algae was the absolute best when it came to the nutrition of an astronaut. And the best way he knew was to just put a bucket of algae in there. Soon, the Russians began to copy and do the same thing.

Many years later, we have some of the finest algae in the world from which fish get the omega fish oil that is so famous. We're told over and over that if we want to be sharp and our brains to remember things, we need to eat fish oil. We're told that omega 3s are the #1 thing for the support of our cognitive function. We're told that, but what we're not told is that fish cannot make it, they have to get it from eating algae.

The source of all that is algae. Blue-green algae, AFA, is full of omega fish oil. The baby boomer generation now that's concerned with their mental health is really starting to take notice of fish oil and the omega fish oil they need comes from blue-green algae.

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