Cerule NFR Program

We welcome people living in these countries to join our NFR (not for resale) program.

Which countries are a part of the NFR Program?

Thailand, Ecuador, Albania, Kenya, Singapore, Peru, Belarus, Nigeria, Malaysia, Belize, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hong Kong, Philippines, Chile, Kosovo, Macau, South Korea, Argentina, Macedonia, Serbia, Japan, South Africa, Moldova, Ukraine, Indonesia, Ghana, Norway, Cameroon, Vietnam, Cote d’Ivoire, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Togo

Who can use it?

Everyone! Either as a retail or preferred customer or an Independent Business Owner.

What are the enrollment options?

New IBOs can only enroll with a $25USD membership fee and a 6 bottle FastStart Pack including any products of their choice.

How do my commissions and volumes work?

As all customers purchase in USD, your commissions will be calculated in USD and converted and paid in your local currency.

How do new people place orders with the NFR Program?

Visit https://global.cerule.com. Place your order here on the website or by logging into your BackOffice. Add your products to the cart and check out by adding your shipping and payment details.

You can get to the NFR website by clicking on the top menu Country selection - and choose Other Markets (NFR). Place orders or join as an IBO as normal. All orders are in US Dollars.

How do I get my products shipped with the NFR Program?

Various Cerule warehouses will ship products to designated markets. Orders with one (1) to four (4) bottles will be shipped for $15.00 USD. Orders of five (5) bottles or more will be shipped free of charge, with a maximum of twelve (12) bottles per order.

Are there risks to purchasing with this NFR Program?

There are risks to purchasing with the NFR program. Customers that use this program are subject to, and must agree to be liable for, their own market’s duties and/or taxes, plus any additional shipping costs that may be incurred. Please note that Cerule is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any damaged products or packages that do not reach the customer. Customers that order with this program acknowledge these points and choose to order at their own risk.

What support is available for queries from customers or if I ordered through the NFR Program?

Phone support is currently not available. Please send all queries regarding the NFR Program to NFRsupport@cerule.com. We will be sure to answer your questions in a timely manner.

How different will it be from ordering on the Not For Resale site, versus the Cerule website?

No difference at all. Our online technology will automatically recognize customers and IBOs based on their physical location to make the NFR process simple. As a part of this new NFR Program, all can enjoy the benefits of Cerule’s current website and functionality when placing their orders or managing their organization. This will ensure you can easily train customers or IBOs how to navigate online when they are on any Cerule website.

Products will be shipped from our offices in the US, France, New Zealand or Taiwan.

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