The Complete Guide to Understanding Stem Cell Science

The power of adult stem cells to support the body's natural renewal system is poised to become one of the breakthrough discoveries of our time.

'What would you say if I were to tell you that there's a cell in the body that can travel to different organs and become cells of those different organs? It's like a building block of the body. It's like a brick in a house.

What if I were to tell you we have a brick that will make the foundation, the wall, the side walk, the garage, the storage unit? What if I were to tell you I have a brick here that if I have a problem with the side walk, I just put it there and it becomes the side walk? Or I put it in the foundation, it becomes the foundation. I have a problem in the garage, I put it in the garage wall, it becomes the garage wall. I break a window I just put it in the window, the brick becomes a window. Wouldn't it sound crazy? We would laugh at this whole concept and yet that is exactly what we have with stem cells.

We have a stem cell that leaves the bone marrow goes into tissue and becomes cells of that tissue. It is of such a magnitude that I think often times we don't fully grasp here what it is that science has discovered.

2008 Nobel prize in Chemistry

The magnitude of this is such that it was actually linked to the 2008 Nobel prize in Chemistry.

The Nobel prize was attributed in 2008 to a small protein called green fluorescent protein. the development of the protein and also its use in medicine and in medical research.

What is green fluorescent protein? A protein is so small that its invisible to most microscopes. We have this very, very small molecule virtually invisible and if you put ultra violet light on it, it starts to glow.

So what was invisible, suddenly becomes visible. If we place a few of these proteins somewhere in the body and you put the light on it ultraviolet light and you start to see it. It's a little but like, how did we discover the migratory patterns of whales? How did we do this -- we put a tracking device on whales and suddenly we discovered they migrate in places we never expected and they go to depths that we never expected? It's exactly the same here. GFP is a tracking device.

The moment you put it in a cell, just like the brick or the whale that you track and suddenly you realize my goodness it's going way deeper than I ever thought. You put that tracking device in a stem cell and you realize I have a liver cell that has that light in it. So that liver cell was a stem cell before. It's the same tracking phenomenon that's what green fluorescent is about it's allowed so many breakthroughs in health and wellness and in medicine and that's how the whole process and concept of stem cells was discovered what they are doing in the body we discovered that stem cells can leave the bone marrow can travel to different organs and become cells of a different organ.

This is huge, this is going to change the way we look at wellness the way that we look at health. It's going to bring a paradigm shift in this whole industry of health and wellness. How's it going to do this? When we started with this whole field and studying what became StemEnhance Ultra, we did not know all of this. We were early on in all of this and this was discovered as we went along. So we didn't one day decide or realize stem cells are something really powerful or interesting so let's be the first one tapping into this whole concept. This is not how it happened. It happened when I started to study a plant, an aqua botanical called AFA.

I tried to understand what was the mechanism of action behind its benefits. It was bringing a lot of benefits to people. People reported benefits touching the skin, better skin, better liver function, better pancreatic function, better cardiovascular function, brain function. What was really impressive and a mystery to us was the wide variety of these benefits. If a stem cell can become a cell of the brain or a cell of the heart how could it be that this would just be an interesting observation without a meaning.

It's a little bit like you discover a seed, you put in the ground. It looks like a piece of dust. And suddenly you get a tree coming out of it. And the conclusion would be how interesting and you just walk away without more thought. It would be unthinkable.

It's the same thing. Here we see a cell from the bone marrow can become a brain cell, a heart cell and a liver cell. Why not a skin cell, a pancreatic cell a bone cell every other type of cell in the body. If they can become a brain cell, most likely they can become everything. So we published in the scientific literature the proposal that stem cells from the bone marrow constitute the natural renewal system of the body. It was an idea 8 years ago. And now during those 8 years, data was filled in a lot of studies were published, I'm talking hundreds of studies basically confirming this whole concept stem cells do constitute the natural renewal system. Based on this idea, we went in the lab and we looked at the effects of AFA on stem cells.

What are Stem Cells?

Before we get into it, let's talk a little bit about what are stem cells. Stem cells are cells that are immortal and primitive. What does that mean? Immortal means they will multiply endlessly.

The stem cells in your bone marrow started the day you were 1 cell in the tummy of your mother. That's where it started and then it grew, they multiplied and multiplied and some of them stayed in the bone marrow and they will continue to multiply until your last day. So they multiply like this endlessly, but they simply continue to multiply for your entire life. Contrary to any of cell in your body. They primitive in the sense that they are nothing, they are nothing in the sense that they are not specialized. They have the ability of becoming anything. Do you understand what that means?

Lets compare them to what is not a stem cell. A cell of your skin, muscle, your brain, your heart, the retina, the liver, the pancreas. A cell of your pancreas for example will make insulin, that's the only thing it will do. It will not contract like a muscle cell, it will not think like a brain cell it's not going to beat like a heart cell, it's a pancreatic cell. If you go the gym and start to workout and you need more muscle cells, a cell of your skin is not going to think lets help that muscle below and sink and become a muscle cell. They are specialized. They do one thing. They do not multiply. At the other end of the spectrum you have stem cells they have the ability to become anything and to multiply. That's what they are.

They are found essentially in 2 places in nature, the first place is in the embryo. What we're talking about here is called the blastula. It is the very very early embryo, 8-10 days old embryo.

It is just 100 to 200 cells. It's possible to extract cells from the inner cell mass and grow them in a test tube. These cells are not all stem cells in that area, so you extract a bunch of them and start to grow them. They will proliferate very easily which is one of the characteristics of embryonic stem cells. But what is a key characteristic of embryonic stem cells which has become the test to identify if a cell is a stem cell when I extract one of these cells from the blastula and I grow them to demonstrate that it is a stem cell I inject it under the skin and I get a teratoma. A teratoma is a tumor where I have a few teeth, a piece of liver, a piece of stomach, intestine tissue, everything.

So it's telling me that the cell I injected had the ability to multiply, it went from one cell to a clump of tissue but also it had the ability to become teeth, liver cells, heart cells, brain cells, functional cells. Totally disorganized, it's a tumor, but it tells me this cell has an amazing potential.

Now the other place where you get stem cells is in the bone marrow. Adult stem cells. Adult Stem Cells are from the bone marrow though they can migrate in the blood, so they are easy to isolate from the blood or as a matter of fact we know today from almost any tissue, you've heard that in the news, we can get them from the skin, from fat tissue, they're everywhere in the body, but they all come at the origin from the bone marrow. You look at them in a test tube they do not grow very easily and if you inject them under the skin, they do not give you a teratoma. What was discovered is that in the body, not in a test tube, in the body, ASC proliferate just as well as ESC and they become any cells of tissue, but the tissue of where they find themselves. ESC will become tissue of everything in the lump, the ASC will become cells of the tissue of where they find themselves. So when we talk about health, obviously ASC suddenly become the real thing. This is where all the promise is in terms of health because you want cells to become tissue in which they migrate.

This whole concept can be summarized essentially in this diagram.

The renewal system of the body
This represents the blood circulation and the bone marrow. When you have something happening in the body, the area that has the problem is going to start to release a specific chemical called GCSF.

There is a very specific compound that is released and when it and migrates to the bone marrow and when it reaches the bone marrow it's going to trigger the release of stem cells from the bone marrow. These stem cells when they're are released they don't know where to go. They are circulating everywhere in the body. They go everywhere. It's a little bit like if I take an apple pie fresh out of the oven and I put it somewhere here in the building and I tell you go find it, what do you do? You don't know where it is when you start, you smell around and when you walk in front of a room where the apple pie is, you stop and you say that's here and you enter into the room. Stem cells do the same thing. They circulate and when they arrive in the tissue that has the problem, that tissue is releasing a very specific compound -- think of it as apple smell -- called SDF-1.

When that compound touches the stem cell or reaches your nose, the stem cell turns around and the mechanism here is that the moment the molecule touches the stem cell, the stem cell immediately expresses an adhesion molecule so the stem cell is going to cling to the capillary stopping the blood flow and then will migrate in the tissue and when it comes in contact with cells of that tissue it is going to slowly become cells of that tissue. Sort of replacing the tissue that is having the problem and bringing back optimal function in the tissue. That's what stem cells are doing in the body. It's an amazing process and it's taking place in the liver, the same thing is taking place in the brain, the same thing is taking place in the kidney, the same thing is taking place in the muscles.

Essentially almost anything that that they look at, they find that stem cells can become that tissue.

Here's a study where scientists took stem cells and put them in a beaker on a piece of mesh. Put on a mesh that has holes that are big enough to allow molecules to go through but small enough to prevent cells to go though. So they put the stem cells at the top and at the bottom they put a piece of crushed liver. If we end up with cells of the liver at the top it is not because cells of the liver migrated on top of the screen, they cannot cross that layer, it's a screen, it's a filter. It prevents cells from going through. When they looked at these cells 8 hours later, they saw they were morphing, becoming, transforming themselves into liver cells.

The renewal system of the body

Now understand why it took so long to for us to see this phenomenon it's because it is invisible. If I use the traditional means of looking at a tissue, I take a piece of tissue I slice it in a thin slice and put it on a microscopic slide and I look at it. what do I see, liver cells. It is absolutely impossible to tell that yesterday that liver cell was a stem cell, unless I can use something to tag it. And that leads us back to where I started, GFP. Extracted from a deep ocean jelly fish it is a protein that is spontaneously fluorescent.

Because it is spontaneously fluorescent and because it is a protein, it's very easy -- we're talking Nobel prize, 2008 in chemistry was on a span of about 40 years of research. In theory it's a protein, so it's easy to derive the DNA that encodes that protein. Once you have the DNA it's easy to inject it in a cell, in a stem cell. Now back to what we were talking about just before, if I take now an adult stem cell that has that fluorescent protein in it and I inject it in the skin, what do I get? I was looking to get a teratoma, before I was getting nothing, so the conclusion is that they are not good stem cells. I get a patch of fluorescent skin. So, the revelation here is that adult stem cells have the same ability but the plus is that instead of becoming everything, they only become the cells of the tissue which they are.

When cells glow with the presence of that protein, What normally would be invisible, becomes visible, so it's the tracking device we used see where whales are going, it's the tracking device to see that the stem cells are going into these different tissues and becoming cells of these tissues. Here's how all of this is sort of coming together in a few studies.

The study of Orlich that was done at the NIH, so I'm using studies here that are extremely strong coming from very credible scientific teams. So Orlich what he did was very simple. He irradiated mice, which kills all stem cells and then injected new stem cells but with the green fluorescent protein. So you have green fluorescent stem cells. And then he triggered a heart problem, lack of oxygen in the heart, which leads to the death of part of the heart tissue by tying up the coronary artery.

Then they came back and looked at the animal 2 weeks later and what they could see is the portion of the heart that was effected was now fluorescent green. Meaning that these cells that are now heart cells today 2 weeks after -- they came from the bone marrow. But what is beautiful in that is that they reached the area and became cells of the heart on their own. It's a beautiful picture of this phenomenon.

In another study, a muscle that was totally destroyed or killed on the first day of the study and we then add the same protocol here -- mice with fluorescent stem cells and these cells on their own migrated to the muscle and you can see the muscle has been totally reconstituted, entirely green. It's a great picture to show here what we are talking about. The moment we have that tool, it becomes almost like child's play to reveal what stem cells are doing in the body.

So now the number of stem cells, what would happen if I put more stem cells in circulation? What happens in the power of stem cells like this to repair various tissues? So the same kind of studies. Using 2 groups of mice, I trigger a death of the cardiac tissue by tying up the coronary artery. I split the mice in 2 groups, 1 group is control, I do nothing, the other group, I inject in the animals gcsf -- remember that compound that triggers stem cell release.

So the 2 groups, the only difference 1 group there's nothing, the other group I have more stem cells in circulation for a few days, this was done for about 8-10 days. 27 days later, when they looked at the control animals, you can see that in the heart there was a lot of scar tissue, lots of scar tissue, no new blood vessels, 17% survival, so 83% fatality and very, very compromised cardiovascular function.

This is when nothing is done. In the animals that had more stem cells circulating in their blood for the same time, we're talking about roughly a month, total renewal of the ventricular wall, no scar tissue, new functional blood vessels tying up in the other ventricles, 73% survival and quasi-normalized cardiovascular function. That study is telling us that in a month, there is a way, in a month to reverse the consequence or revive a part of dead heart tissue. This is totally amazing, the reason why this protocol is not used as such in humans is because what is done here in mice gives severe, severe side effects in humans. If we used GCSF for a little bit too long, more than 5 or 6 days so the consequence of heart attack, stroke, fairly severe side effects, so the idea of telling you to help you from your first problem we're going to give you a heart attack.

Not a good trade off, not a great marketing message. So these compounds are not ready to go to market but they demonstrate the phenomenon that is very very interesting. Now GCSF is a powerful, powerful mobilizer of stem cells, meaning it triggers a vast release, a huge release of stem cells from the bone marrow. StemEnhance Ultra and we'll talk about does not do that. I do not want to tell you that will do this. What I want to do here by showing this is to show the power of stem cells that if you really have a lot circulating in the blood what you can end up in terms of repair is pretty phenomenal. But the key issue in here is the number of stem cells circulating in the blood and that was captured by a study published in 2005 and now many studies have come out and have shown the same kind of results and same kind of information which is more stem cells in the blood equates to great health.

So if you have a little bit more stem cells everyday you simply to allow the body to renew itself everyday. It's not about healing, it's not about anything phenomenal. It's a little bit like me telling you I'm going to give you a months supply in 1 day of food. Eat it all and you'll be good for a month. Does that work. Now, let's split it into 90 portions, 3 meals a day a little bit and then take that everyday. For 30 days you're in vibrant health and everything is fine. It's exactly the same thing with your stem cells massive release for a short amount of time is very different than just having a little bit more everyday. That's what these studies are showing.

So the conclusion is that bone marrow stem cells constitute the natural renewal system of the body simply supporting the release of stem cells from the bone marrow, putting more stem cells in the blood allows to combat entropy or aging or just the natural process of life. You just repair everything everyday. How can I see that this is happening in real life because everything that I'm talking about has gone on rats and mice and cats and different animals? How can you make studies and show that this is happening in humans -- you can't?

Ok, it's not ethical to study humans like this. But there is a real life situation where you can see it. That real life situation is when a man receives and organ from a woman or when a woman receives a bone marrow transplant from a man. In both cases what do you get?

Because what is the main difference between men and women? It is the Y chromosome that men have that women don't have. Women have the XX, men have the Y chromosome. Just like the green fluorescent protein, I can also tag the y chromosome and follow it in the cell.

In the case of the man, the liver comes from a woman, so it doesn't have the y chromosome, but the man's bone marrow has the y chromosome. In the other case, the woman's own organ does not have the y chromosome but the new stem cells do. So if this is a true phenomenon stem cells should leave the bone marrow and go to the organs. In the case of men who received the liver as a transplant what they did is they went back and took a bank of biopsies, samples of tissues taken after a transplant if there were any problems and they just analyze these tissues for the presence of y chromosome. And what they found was that between 4 and 12 months, these were the people involved in the study. Up to 16% of the cells of liver had the y chromosome. 16% of the liver had already been replaced in that time period. But one individual who past away after 4 1/2 months from serious complications 40% of his liver was his own liver, made of his own stem cells.

Now let's look at the data that we have on StemEnhance Ultra, which is the work that we have done. Everything that I'll be talking about was published in a journal called cardiovascularization medicine. We gave people the AFA and we quantified the number of stem cells in the blood.

First we didn't see anything but it was such a great idea so we kept working on it. And one day we started to give people more and more. And when we started to give people more than 5 grams per day, then we started to very consistently see this effect. An increase in the number of stem cells of about 25-30% that would peak at about an hour and then come back to control. So the effect was there.

But because people need to take 5 grams, it is something that is very difficult to market. If we tell people, well you know take 10-20 capsules 2-3 times a day it's not very easy to do. It will be like consuming a bottle of capsules every day. So we had to identify the active compound how its working, what it does to explain this whole phenomenon. So that's what we did.

So in the bone marrow, we have the cell and on the surface of the cell is a protein called lselectin. When l-selectin is activated it leads to the expression of a baseball glove called CXCR4 a receptor. It's a receptor that is specific for a molecule called SDF-1. If you remember well, SDF-1 is the molecule that is released by an injured tissue to call for help. So the same phenomenon taking place in an injured tissue takes place naturally without injury, without anything jut natural health in the bone marrow to keep the stem cells in the bone marrow. When these 2 connect, SDF-1, CXCR4 receptor it leads to the expression of an adhesion molecule that makes the stem cell grab the bone marrow and stay attached to the bone marrow. Anything you do to prevent or interfere with this phenomenon you will trigger the release of stem cells from the bone marrow. We thought we probably have in AFA a blocker of l-selectin that molecule that is on the surface of stem cells. If we have a blocker of l-selectin, we block it's activation, we don't have the expression of the receptor, we don't have the connection, we won't have the adhesion molecule, so the stem cell loses its ability to hang in the bone marrow.

So how did we determine if we do have something that binds to the l-selectin. In science a ligand is a molecule that binds specifically to something that's what a ligand is. So we thought we have an l-selectin ligand in AFA -- an idea, we don't know if we have one. So what we do? It's an ingenious protocol I did not design, Dr Jensen did. He took a magnetic bead covered with a protein and in it we stuck an l-selectin molecule.

Think of it as a hair ball, where you have hundreds if not thousands of these little l-selectin going around. It's a magnetic ball, so if I put it in water, it's easy to put a magnet and they all stick to a magnet on the side. So what we did was took this magnetic ball with the l-selectin on it and we put it in a solution of AFA. If I have something that binds to l-selectin, I'm going to collect it on the l-selectin molecule. I don't know if I have it, so what I do is put it with AFA, I wait a little bit I put my magnet I collect all these beads and then I wash the liquid thoroughly until I have pure water. And then I remove the magnet, I have these beads now that float in pure water with or without a ligand that bound to it. Remember I don't know, this is a study I did to determine this. So, now I have this bead with or without the molecule. There are ways to cut this bond so that molecule gets released from the l-selectin. So I do these techniques, I release that molecule, then I put the magnet again collect these beads and now I take the liquid. So in that liquid if there is a molecule that specifically binds to l-selectin, I have isolated it.

We have determined that we have in StemEnhance Ultra a ligand that binds to l-selectin. It could be an activator or a blocker.

Through various studies, what we have shown is that it is a blocker. It does not activate lselectin, but it prevents the activation of l-selectin. So when we concentrated this compound and then turned it into a product that is now known as StemEnhance Ultra, and then we feed this concentrate of AFA to people, we get the same release of stem cell from the bone marrow with the same increase in the number of circulating stem cells -- about 25-30% -- with only 1 gram of StemEnhance Ultra.

That's the work that we have done. Identifying the active compound and then concentrating the product so that we can get the same effect with 1 gram. As we were doing all this work, we also discovered something, it was a puzzle, it took us 2-3 years to do all this work, it would have been much easier had we known this when we started. We have 2 compounds in AFA that effect stem cells and they have an opposite effect. So think about this, not easy to resolve this puzzle, but at one point it became very clear and we did identify these two compounds. There's a compound that blocks l-selectin and there also a polysaccharide that supports the migration of stem cells out of the blood into the tissues, so as you consume this product, the number of stem cells in the blood actually decrease as stem cells leave the blood to move into the tissues. So what is StemEnhance Ultra?

It's a blend of these 2 concentrates from AFA -- l-selectin ligand or blocker and then the polysaccharide blended so 1 gram of StemEnhance Ultra supports both the release of stem cells and their migration into tissues.

Now, there's an easy way to summarize all of what I've talked about right now in a very simple message. Think of health as a balance between 2 phenomenon in the body. On the one hand, I have entropy, let's call it aging, slow breaking down of tissue. On the other hand I have rebuilding which is what your stem cells are doing. Your health will be determined by what is going on in the body. If the rate of aging is bigger than the ability to rebuild, then you experience unwellness.

If your ability to rebuild is greater than how fast you go down, then you will experience wellness or health.

Cells die every day it's totally natural process and stem cells replaces them everyday. It is a natural process. The faster you go down or the faster you rebuild will determine your overall health. And what will determine how much you go down, I would say it's the sum of a number of things. Your genetics, your past injuries, your lifestyle, your diet, your exposure to environmental toxins, your level of stress, your mother in law. Put all of that into a bag, shake the bag that is the stress applied to your body. For which stem cells need to rebuild or make up up. So, if you have more stem cells in your body, you will just be able to have a greater health. That's what StemEnhance Ultra does. All it does, it doesn't kill anything, it doesn't cure anything, all it does is that it promotes rebuilding so that you improve and you experience wellness.

A question that often comes is: is it safe for the bone marrow to constantly release stem cells like this from the bone marrow. There's a powerful mechanism in the bone marrow to maintain homoeostasis. A specific and constant number of stem cells, you don't run out of stem cells. StemEnhance Ultra does not trigger the release of stem cells that is beyond what your body already naturally does on its own. We need to understand that in the body what happens the way that cells divide and maintain themselves in the bone marrow is a different process than elsewhere in nature. Everywhere in nature what we have is cells divide through a process called symmetrical cellular division. I have 1 cell that divides into 2 identical daughter cells. What happens is that the DNA makes a copy and 1 piece of the original DNA goes in each cell, a piece of the copy goes in each cell, so you end up with 2 identical cells, that have 1 piece of the original and 1 piece of the copy. In the bone marrow it's different. In the bone marrow you have what's called asymmetrical cellular division. The DNA duplicates, but the original goes into 1 cell, that one stays in the bone marrow, the copy goes into the other cell, that one goes in the blood.

Cellular division

That cell is destined to travel and become a tissue cell. This process is meant to basically keep in the bone marrow your original DNA that you have from the day you are born until the day you die. The reason why I'm talking about this, is that any time a cell goes into the blood, a sister cell was left in the bone marrow. So, what we talked about with Stem Cell Enhancer, a 25% increase is roughly 3 million stem cells being released in the bloodstream, that's a fair amount of stem cells. Well it does not mean that now you're lacking 3 million stem cells in the bone marrow. They've multiplied. So you basically keep the same number of stem cells in the bone marrow. The bone marrow is this powerful way of maintaining balance and homoeostasis.

Now, over the past 2 years, we have done a number of studies to extend the information that we have on StemEnhance Ultra. The first one, very interesting, is do the released stem cells reach the target tissue. Why is this question pertinent? It's pertinent because what I have on one hand is the information pertaining to many, many hundreds of studies that are not about StemEnhance Ultra.

They're about stem cells in the body, GCSF and all of these other product. But I know from these studies that more stem cells in the blood equates to greater health. I have a product that I can show increases the number of stem cells in the blood. So, you put the two together it is a legitimate claim to say the product by increasing stem cells in the blood will help overall health. But there's a point where I need to show that StemEnhance Ultra itself does not only increase the number of stem cells but these stem cells released from the bone marrow do indeed go to tissue and the whole story is true. So that's what we did soon after the 1st study that we did to basically prove the concept and link all of it together. Very simple study, we irradiated mice kills all the stem cells, again this is the kind of study that you cannot do any other way than to do it in animals.

So, we irradiated mice, injected fluorescent stem cells, we have a normal mouse whose stem cells are green fluorescent, so if they move and go into new tissue, we will have cells of that tissue that will be green. Then, so it repopulates the bone marrow, then we do an injury to the muscle by injecting cardiotoxin, it kills the muscle, and then we basically split the animals in 2 groups, one group control, 1 group on StemEnhance Ultra.

Quite simple. And then we are looking at the recovery and we can do that by taking whole body pictures of the animal without having to touch the animals. So you can follow the recovery. And 6 weeks later what we got a number of things that were very, very interesting. First, in the control animals, we see that the muscle has regenerated quite significantly. We can see the muscle has come back, but when you add StemEnhance Ultra to the diet, the recovery is much greater.

So, we're proving the concept here, putting more stem cells in the blood stream will lead to greater to repair. But it does demonstrate the other part of our story that is just as important, It is a natural process. Without doing anything it happened none the less. Stem Cell Enhancer just made it faster and more powerful. And it also demonstrated the 3rd part of our concept which is when we looked at the other leg, that did not have an injury, we see very, very little migration in the muscle.

It happens naturally, it happens more when you have more stem cells and it goes where you have the injury, not where you don't have the injury.

So it's a very directed process. That study really showed the 3 pillars if you want of our concept. So, one way to capture everything is by a tool called a quality of life questionnaire. The questionnaire is a very simple tool aimed at assessing your quality if life and the study published 15 years ago concluded that by simply asking you how your feel it is much more powerful to determine what's your problem and to help you recover optimal health. It's essentially a way to determine what is your overall quality of life. If your liver function is better, you have better quality of life, your pancreas works better, you have better quality of life, you brain is better, better quality of life your joints are better, you have better quality of life. All of this can be captured by quality of life. So that's what we did. We did that questionnaire, you can see a sample of that questionnaire at the website. Am I healthy? You can do the questionnaire, there's a sample there. It will tell you you compare with the overall national average of health for your age and everything and then you can basically see as you start take StemEnhance Ultra how it change your overall quality of life.

That's what we've done and this is a typical report that we get. That's a difference in 1 month. So we basically took the results on day 1 and then 30 days after being on StemEnhance Ultra.

And we have the percentage difference on 10 different parameters, general health, physically functioning, your ability to bodily pain, vitality, social functioning. For example, the questionnaire will ask you, instead of saying are you depressed, it will ask you how many friends have you seen this week? If you're depressed, it's 0, if you're full of joy it's 10, 15, 20. So, by a lot of these indirect questions, you can determine your quality of life in a very, very scientific way and very, very valid way. So, on average, everybody on every single parameter will have an improvement within only 1 month. So essentially, what this study is telling us, is that when you combine everything, you take everything under 1 big umbrella, everybody experiences some level of improvement in quality of life after 1 month. So it was a very good study here to capture what the product does as a whole.

Hair study. When we launched the product a lot of people started to report in the months following that they were slowly returning to their natural hair color. At first, I thought that the report of the testimonials were silly. I actually didn't like the story. I was telling people you know, don't want to exaggerate anything, don't say things that are unreal, just stick to the truth and it's strong enough with what we have with this product we don't have to go into any exaggeration.

And one day a friend of mine came in and said it's really happening to me, and then it started happening to me. We contracted with a lab in cosmetology and first what I did was I went to med online, which is the library of the national institute of health and I plugged in adult stem cells and milanocites, the cells responsible for hair pigmentation. Sure enough, documentation exists and stem cells can become milanocites. So, you know what there was a basis to this. So we went to a lab of cosmetology and on 6 individuals, we followed using very sophisticated tools of taking pictures of the hair and analyzing the color, essentially then density of white in the hair and following this over a number of months by taking StemEnhance Ultra.

This fellow that you see to the left, his head was entirely, like pure white. And as you can see right now, it's not totally, totally pure white, But what was interesting is when you're looking from the back, there's a row of black hair in the center of his head, where he has a crown, he has black hair growing.

So, it's cases like this that prompted us really to look at this seriously because it was really there. What we discovered is that after 6 months when we take a picture of the back of the head, there was 15% reduction in the white density in the hair. So there was a 15% darkening of the hair.

And then we took pictures on the side of the head and in this one, we had a 20% reduction in the white in the hair. Talking about hair color is not in itself relevant to health. Hair color is not in itself anything that means anything important when we talk about health, but it does have an amazing symbol.

What else do we have in the body as a symbol of rejuvenation? What do you know that you can take orally that is going to reverse to your natural hair color? Nothing is known to do that. So, to take something that is so powerful in the body in terms of rejuvenation to give you back your original hair color is a powerful message and hair color is not a disease. Graying hair is not a disease, so we can use that message without any problem with the FDA. Without talking in any way about disease and that's the reason why we did that study. We'll come out with that report that StemEnhance Ultra is the only known to have such a rejuvenation effect in the body that you reverse back to your natural hair color. I think it's powerful, that's why we did it.

Now in the scientific literature, you've seen it in the press, a lot of people are talking about how stem cells could be the cause of cancer. Answering that question with arguments would not really lead us anywhere, so essentially we did a study. A very simple study to just clear the whole question. We inoculated mice with human breast cancer cells. We split the group in 2. 1 group we gave control, nothing a placebo and the other group we gave StemEnhance Ultra.

Now 3 things can happen. Stem cells or StemEnhance Ultra by increasing the number of stem cells, these stem cells can migrate in the tumor and promote tumor growth, so we can have increased tumor growth. We could have no effect whatsoever. Or we could have a decrease because one thing that people don't really talk about is that when stem cells get into a tissue and they proliferate and then stop proliferating, they release compounds that tells all the neighbors around to stop the proliferation process. We're done, we've repaired the tissue, it's time to stop. They could also through that process, suppress tumor growth. So we did that study and as you can see, after 6 weeks, we had a 30% reduction in the growth of the tumor.

Now that study was not made to determine if StemEnhance Ultra has anti-tumor properties, so that conclusion I cannot make, but what we can clearly make out of this study is that StemEnhance Ultra or releasing stem cells from the bone marrow does not promote in anyway tumor growth. If anything it prevents it.

Ok, the last one that I want to talk about is a study on fitness. Many people start to talk about how from a physical performance standpoint started to report much better performance and we have our notorious case Frank Condon you may have heard his story. Frank had his own record when he was 57 and could not beat it for a number of years. At 63, he started taking StemEnhance Ultra and then beat the record by many seconds. He's doing the 1, 1.5 km. There was a video of his race, you see the race track, then you see Frank crossing the finish the line and in the background, you see the rest of the people running behind. It's very impressive. At 63, he beat his record at 57, at 64, he beat his record at 63 and at 65, he beat his record at 64, that was after an injury that was supposed to put him out for the rest of the season. He just repaired very fast, went back and beat his record again.

A lot of people started to report those kinds of stories. So there's a process here, when you push your body a lot, you break muscles. When these muscle fibers are broken, there's a mechanism to protect the muscle that is inherent to your nervous system so that you're not going to over contract that muscle and further damage it. So if the damage is fine, it's not huge, a little bit of soreness, but not more, you go back in the afternoon and you train again, but you cannot train to the fullest, because there is an inherent mechanism to prevent you from going to full contraction. If you can repair much faster and recover faster, 2 days later when you go back to the gym you can go to the fullest, 3 days later, 5 days later and so on everyday. So over time, you just get a much greater outcome out of your same training.

That was the concept, so we went in the lab and we tested it. When we started to talk about the study and we tell them we'll put you on StemEnhance Ultra, they started to look at StemEnhance Ultra what it was and when they slowly realized what Stem Cell Enhancer was, we could not have any of one them on placebo. They said if I'm not on StemEnhance Ultra I'm not part of that study. So we were not able to have a placebo group and a StemEnhance Ultra group. So we tried to think of how can we work that in so that we can clearly see the effect of StemEnhance Ultra compared to the effect of the training. So what we did was split the group in 2, one group started on StemEnhance Ultra on day 1 and the other group started a month later. So if there was a difference, we would have the 1st group progress faster and the other group catch them up in their progress a little bit later. And that's exactly what we saw.

You can see group 1 here progressed much faster. And then group 2 as soon as they started to get on StemEnhance Ultra after about week 4, week 5 then they slowly caught up with the other group. We're using that data as preliminary data because it is strictly preliminary data at this point, but we're using this to basically go now and sponsor a large study in the lab that has that very specific expertise. That's the body of the information that I wanted to share about StemEnhance Ultra. What it does in the body, how we've proven the concept through various research, and what has happened outside of what we've done throughout the entire scientific research, what other labs have done. This is again a powerful, powerful phenomenon it is going to change the way that we are looking at health and wellness.

I see it in just 2, 3, 4, 5 years down the road, the message that will be out there in terms of health and wellness, is that yes, many things that we're doing are good for health and we'll continue to do them, but the primary thing to do to maintain health is just to support that natural renewal system in the body everyday. I think a lot of health problems we experience, is actually a deficiency, a lack in the stem cells to do their day to day job. If we do not rebuild compensate for this everyday at the same speed as they go down, health problems show up down the road, And that is the cause of a lot of unwellness in human life. Once we understand this and we just support this natural renewal system in the body, it's going to totally change the way we look at health and wellness.

Thank you very much.'

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